Social Media is not new, you’re probably already using Facebookto market your business and perhaps you’re even on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn as well.

You know how important it is to observe social networking etiquette – to engage with your audience rather than just “sell” to them, and how essential it is to communicate with your current and potential customers, facilitating a dialogue and responding to their questions.

What you may not be doing though, is utilising video in your social media marketing…yet!

So, why use video?

Facebook has more daily minutes watched than YouTube, Snapchat’s daily views are in the billions, and video on Twitter has taken listening and one-to-one branding to a whole new level.

With video marketing on a steady incline, it’s time to embrace it and incorporate video into your social media marketing strategy.

Why, you ask?

Target millennial customers

Video is a great medium for your millennial style customers; the ones who won’t read through long product descriptions, who won’t spend the time researching your services – it shows what you can do and what you offer in action. Essentially, video makes it easy for your customers to consume your content.

Most people are visual

Many people need to see a product or service to incite them to take advantage of it – seeing something helps them understand how it works and increases their trust not only in the product/service but also in you.

It’s increasingly affordable

A marketing video no longer needs to be a professionally executed product – as long as the visual and audio is clear, the content is what really counts. So, gone are the days where video was only for big brands with big budgets. It’s time for you to experiment with video and tap into those extra likes and shares!

Using Video on Social

  1. Create a ‘How To’ or DIY video with clear, easy to follow steps
    Helpful content that educates is more widely shared
  1. Showcase your skills and include a call to action
    Show your audience what you can do and how it can benefit them
  1. Appeal to curiosity
    Make your video fun and appealing; you could reveal a new product
  1. Show your human side
    Whether it’s an office tour, a ‘day in the life of’ or event footage, allow your fans to get to know the people behind the brand
  1. Answer Questions
    Answering fan questions offers instant value; you’re offering content and information that you know they want. At the end of your video, let your viewers know where they can go for more great content by linking to your website or a dedicated landing page.

Handy Tips

Keep your videos short
Fans are often consuming your content on their mobile devices while on the go and video chews up a lot of mobile data. Further, today’s audience is time-poor with a shorter attention span.

Each Social Media platform has a maximum video length they allow, so keep this in mind when recording your content:

        • Facebook: 120 minutes
        • Twitter: 30 seconds recommended
        • Instagram: 60 seconds
        • Snapchat: 10 seconds
        • Vine: 6 seconds

Use Subtitles
Subtitles allow users to watch your videos on their mobile devices even if they’re in a location where they can’t or don’t want to enable audio (i.e. on a train, in the office or in a public waiting room). It also aids the hearing-impaired in engaging with your video content.

Use a logo
When users share your video, some of their followers may not be aware the video is from you. By adding a small, unobtrusive logo in the corner of your video, you’re promoting your brand without impeding the video.

Take it to the next level and embed your logo so you can link it to your business website.

Choose the right thumbnail
The thumbnail is the first thing users see of your video in their newsfeed. It can dictate whether they hit play or not. So, choose a thumbnail that both adequately represents the content of the video, and is visually interesting.

Think about the platform
Each social platform has a unique audience and differing strengths and weaknesses. Take this into consideration right at the beginning, before you create your video.

Don’t ignore search
Utilise the fields for your video’s metadata and description – don’t forget about SEO.

Upload natively
Rather than pasting your YouTube video link on your Facebook page as a status update, upload the video directly to Facebook, so that it lives in your Facebook page’s video content. Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm values videos. When you upload videos directly, instead of linking, you have a much higher chance of your video being seen by your community.

Cool Video Tools to Try

Hyperlapse: Instagram’s tool helps you create time-lapse videos. Great for behind the scenes, unboxing and quick tour content.

Flipagram: bring images to life in short videos. Great for fan shout outs and event reviews.

Videohance: edit videos on your phone and add special effects, borders and music.

iMovie app: with many of the iMovie desktop program features, you can use the app on your iPhone/iPad to edit your videos.


We’re happy to step you through which digital marketing assets and tactics would work best for your brand and how to integrate these into your overarching marketing plan. To get started, contact us on 1800 505 529 or by submitting an enquiry.



Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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