01. Company Background:

Pinhook Bloodstock International (PBI) is an Australian based full service Bloodstock Agency. PBI sources high quality racing, breeding and trading stock for international and local markets.

Pinhook’s primary goal is to establish, maintain and enhance long term relationships with both sellers and buyers of thoroughbred bloodstock. The company was established in 2005 and has since bought and sold over 900 thoroughbreds, valued at over $29 million, which has resulted in hundreds of winners in eight different countries

02. Project Overview & Solution Summary:

In order to establish the brand as a premium provider in both Australia and China, Pinhook needed to redesign their website.

We needed to improve the user experience journey for the overall website as the previous site was not intuitive, user friendly nor did it provide a clear content strategy to portray the services and experience that Pinhook offers.

Further, the content was clustered and didn’t clearly define the services or experience the business provides.

Thought the original website was only recently built, it provided an out-dated look and feel due to original budget and resource constraints.

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03. Our Process:

ABCS’ project management team was comprised of web project manager, digital strategist and a senior marketing consultant who worked together with the client to deliver the newly redesigned website. The initial steps for the project included:

  • Scoping the project
  • Developing a sitemap
  • Selecting a suitable CMS and plug ins

ABCS recommended developing a custom solution using the KeystoneJS framework. This ensured that we could use the business objectives and goals to strategically design the new website.

As part of the design process, ABCS structured the content for each page to take users through a discovery journey, whereby services were displayed logically, explained well and accessible with minimal clicks.

ABCS worked with Pinhook to develop a modern and mobile responsive website that portrayed Pinhook as the premium brand it is, and showcases its relevance to both the local and China markets.

The new homepage was strategically structured with content, headlines and professional, high quality imagery.

Relevant content was migrated across from the existing site and reorganised for a more seamless user experience.

I have utilised the services of the ABCS Marketing department since 2016.

The services provided have included website, design, development and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The team has helped me improve my overall online professionalism, online presence, connectivity, understanding and the reach to my target markets, of which there are many.

Dave Mee - Principal
Pinhook Bloodstock Pty Ltd