In order to get to know our team better, we are starting a new blog series titled ‘Meet the Marketing Success Team’. To kick start this new venture of ours, here are a few fun facts about our Marketing Consultant, Samantha Singer

1.       How did you get into the business (Marketing, Web Dev, Design)?

After a three year degree in PR, and countless internships, I abandoned ship for an  Account Management role in the prepaid sector. This afforded me great experience in face to face account management and gave me the taste for the corporate world. In that role, I constantly found myself magnetically drawn to the marketing department. I spent any free time editing, copywriting and working with the designer on creative projects. So, when one of my clients had an opening in their own marketing department, I knew it was the right move. Working at Leading Edge Group for four years, I immersed myself in all things marketing; catalogues, competitions, strategies, social media and media releases. It was constant variation and I loved it! The move to ABCS has allowed me to broaden my reach of clients and continue learning (something every good marketer should always be doing!)


2.       Favourite flavour of ice cream?

Up until recently I’d always say chocolate – no brainer! Lately my tastes have changed though and I’m gravitating towards whatever’s unique and interesting that day! Mmmm is 10:30am too early for ice cream??


3.       1 interesting fact about yourself (get creative).

I’ve worn glasses since the age of two. At that point the bridge of my nose hadn’t developed yet and they sat low on my face, making me look like a little owl! (Tourists would stop to take photos with me)


4.       Worst advice you were ever given about your area of expertise?

My strongest area is probably content writing, the worst advice would have come from my year 11 English teacher. She told me that I had to use more sophisticated language in my essays. At the time, and even now, I disagree. I prefer to write in a more conversational form of English so that anyone and everyone can understand the content!


5.       Biggest achievement to date?

Producing my first magazine. It involved project managing suppliers, liaising with designers, copywriting a handful of articles, designing some of the pages myself in Adobe Suite and following through until production. The finished piece looked fantastic and I was thrilled with it.


6.       If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

Fly to Europe and walk around eating Gelato, soaking up some culture and people watching in the sun


7.       What do you love most about your job?

Firstly my team, I think the culture of any job is really important – it makes coming into the office something to look forward to. Our team is collaborative and genuinely fun; they’re really supportive as well. Secondly, it would be really helping people. Sometimes you have jobs where you get your work done and you clock out and you don’t feel the impact of what you do. In this job, you feel like you’re actually making a difference for people – you’re educating individuals, you’re shaping the marketing for businesses and you get a sense that what you do is helpful and of value. It’s nice to feel that.


8.       If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to and why?

Oh man that’s hard! There are some great choices. – Go back to when Thriller was released and see MJ in concert? Go back to Victorian England and strut around in a corset for a while? Go back to just before the ipod launch and buy stock in Apple? Am I allowed to change history? I could stop WWII, prevent some key assassinations… this one’s too hard to narrow down – sorry!


9.       Best advertisement you ever saw. (bonus pts if you can source it online for me)

This is a tie between the remake of the ‘make those bodies sing’ bananas advert (it was a remake of the original with the same kids, showing them as they are now) – it was such a feel good ad and so iconic! There’s no one in Australia that’s not familiar with it. Or the Qantas I still call Australia home ad because it was so uplifting, so moving and really gave me such a feeling of patriotism!


10.    Puppies or kittens?



11.   How would your friends describe you?

Organised, funny, caring and a foodie/traveller – I’m the one that holds some of my friendship groups together, initiating catch ups.

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