Are you in the tourism and travel industry? Looking to see what’s hot in marketing this year? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 things set to scorch in 2017.

Do you agree? Did we miss anything?

  1. Go Mobile or Go Home!

Mobile is leading the way in 2017. This means your hotel website needs to be mobile optimised, your advertising content should be targeted at mobile consumers and you definitely need to have a social media presence

  1. Pay the man!

Mobile payments are very much a thing now and you should be on board with accepting them. Set to replace the credit card as a popular method of payment, Paypal, Apple Pay and the like are making mobile bookings nice and easy.

  1. Paid Search Strategies are a’Changing

Google’s new “Extended Text Ads” are increasingly popular, as is display advertising on competitor sites like Airbnb.

  1. Reward your Friends – Share the Love

Reward Programs are nothing new in the hotel industry. They create ‘stickiness’ with customers and increase brand loyalty. 2017 has hotels utilising modern technology to gain loyalty using tools such as to give discounts for peer advocacy.

  1. Are you Sure?

Bots are thing. They’ve evolved from “SmarterChild” the chat bot of yesteryear and are now managing our Facebook Messenger, responding on Slack and even managing booking requests for Expedia! Expedia’s Skype bot lets users search, manage reservations, book and cancel hotels directly through the platform, just by talking to the bot in regular language. Hyatt Hotel chain is now considering developing something of their own…. Food for thought?

  1. Instagram? Instashop!

Instagram has been increasing its e-commerce side by piloting shoppable posts. Keep your eye on this one.

  1. It’s a Snap!

Snapchat = the platform of the millennial. So, target them where they play and show off your visual assets – great food, great sites, beautiful experiences.

  1. Sorry, Can’t Hear You!

With mobile browsing so popular and four times as many users preferring digestible video content to text, you’ll need to rethink your video marketing strategy to ensure you use subtitles for those who view videos without sound.

  1. . what’s that sound?

SEO is a wild beast at the best of times, but things are getting trickier with voice searches increasing. You’ll need to adjust your content to meet the new SEO demands of long-tail-keywords in increasingly natural language.

  1. Metasearch = Mega important

Metasearch engines are the search tools that use another engine’s data to produce results for you. Think Trivago, TripConnect and the like. Essentially, you want to be listed on them or you’ll risk missing the potential customers that search using them.

  1. Bing is a Thing!

Watch out Google, Bing is on the rise! With 7.3% of the EU market, including 20.5% of the market share in the UK, Bing actually reported high engagement levels than Google in Q3 2016 (However, Google’s volume is still higher).

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Photo by Gabriel Ghnassia on Unsplash

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